Shiba Survival Games

$SHIBGAME is the first token that you can win participating in survival tournaments! Seven wide-spread protocols that are combined in the smart contract code: Crypto Survival Tournament, Reflection, Lottery, Burn, Buyback, Auto-liquidity, Marketing & Development.

The Main Features

Buy Tax is 7%

1%: Burn
1%: Buyback
1%: Reflection
1%: Tournament
1%: Auto-liquidity
1%: Marketing
1%: Lottery

Liquidity Lock: 2 Years

We are focused on creating a long-term crypto project in which holders will be able to receive passive income and participate in tournaments, therefore the sustainability of the project is extremely important to us.

We will always maintain a stable liquidity pool to make your investment safer. Liquidity locking will be controlled by Bifrost smart contract.


$SHIBGAME collects the 1% taxed tokens on each transaction and sells it into BNB to buyback tokens at a later stage. The buyback amount is used to automatically purchase tokens back from the liquidity pool. These purchased tokens are then immediately burned.

It raises the floor price of $SHIBGAME relative to the circulating supply.


Transparency is one of the most important factors of a successful project.

$SHIBGAME token has passed the KYC identity verification and the smart contract audit by InterFi Network

These are the extra steps we have taken to ensure complete transparency and build confidence in $SHIBGAME.

Survival Tournaments

$SHIBGAME gives an opportunity to all people who buy the token in the amount of $20 to take part in the Crypto Survival Tournament! The crypto survival tournament is the first project of its kind in the crypto space! For each certain period of time, there will be a game that can be played by everyone who has bought $SHIBGAME tokens worth of $20 or more during that time. The winners will share the entire prize pool equal to 1% of all transactions occurred since the last game ended and before the new game starts.

The first game will be called "The Golden Bridge"
In this game players have to hop across a suspended bridge lined with panels of glass – but some of it is normal and some of it tempered, or made stronger. If one of players chose a normal pane, then it would break and they would fall. Winners share the entire game prize.




Birth of an idea💡

Building a team of like-minded people

Concept project development💻

Website development



Smart contract development💻

Analysis and selection of ILO platform

Audit & KYC by InterFi Network🔐

Presale on Bifrost

Gameplay release🎮



PancakeSwap listing

Active promotion🚀

Listing on CoinGecko

Listing on CoinMarketCap

The first survival tournament "The Golden Bridge"🏆

1st 1000 passive income NFTs🤑

Start of development of the first service

2nd 1000 passive income NFTs🤑


Various partnerships & sponsorships

Certik audit

The second survival tournament🏆

Yahoo Finance and Benzinga

3rd 1000 passive income NFTs🤑

Start of development of the second Service

4th 1000 passive income NFTs🤑

Expansion of roadmap

Bifrost Presale

We are launching $SHIBGAME presale on Bifrost. Why have we decided to choose Bifrost:

  • User friendly
  • Heavily linked to charity
  • Strong community backing
  • Great customer service
  • 100% decentralized and SAFU
  • Hard working devs


This is the official smart contract address of $SHIBGAME token. Beware of scammers and always check the contract address!